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Here at La Alteña distillery we’re a family of artisans committed to making an exceptional tequila. El Tesoro means “the treasure,” a name chosen to honor the legacy of our founder and the traditional methods used to craft our tequila.



La Alteña distillery was created in 1937 by Don Felipe Camarena. He was a visionary man who saw the potential to make a great tequila, up here, in the mineral-rich highlands of Jalisco. Today his grandson, Carlos Camarena, is our Master Distiller.
The Camarena family continues to honor the traditional way Don Felipe made tequila over 80 years ago.

But most importantly, it is the care and dedication of the people at La Alteña that make El Tesoro really special. Our passion and community bond help us make a tequila that we are truly proud of. Together, we craft the Art of Tequila.

A portrait of Carlos Camarena, master distiller of El Tesoro Tequila.


As the daughter of legendary tequilero Don Felipe Camarena, Jenny found her love of tequila through her family’s history. But she found her love for the business all on her own.



While enjoying a successful career as an architect, Jenny felt the pull of her family’s roots and her connection to tequila and returned to La Alteña to forge her own path. Jenny brings her passion and love for crafting quality tequila to her role as Master of Operations at La Alteña and has quickly become a welcome and vital voice as a woman in the industry. She embodies the heart and soul of El Tesoro tequila.



Nestled in the Jalisco highlands, La Alteña distillery can be found in the heart of Mexico. Here, the mineral-rich soil and high altitude give our agave a fruity, floral flavor that shines through in every drop of El Tesoro.