The art of tequila text with bottles of El Tesoro's tequila portfolio.

Awarded 2021
Producer of the Year.


El Tesoro is known as "the Treasure of Jalisco”, crafted in the Highlands of Jalisco, Mexico for generations. There is magic in the soil at La Alteña distillery, our home where a community of skilled artisans use traditional methods of tequila-making to create a true treasure. A tequila with soul in every sip.

Three jimador brothers standing side by side in a field of agave plants holding coa de jima harvesting tools.
We are a community for sure. A community of highly skilled, hardworking, fantastic people. El Tesoro is a tequila defined by these skilled people.”
Carlos C. Camarena, Master Distiller
We know when the agave plants are ripe due to the size and shape of the piña, and when the stem begins to shrink. It is knowledge that you cannot learn in a book, but by living and working."
Juan Jesús Zúñiga Meza,


El Tesoro isn't just a tequila. It's a handcrafted tribute to agave. There is magic in our soil at La Alteña and the terroir in the Highlands brings something truly special to our liquid. The fruity, floral flavor of our Jalisco blue weber agave is experienced in every sip.

Three bottles of El Tesoro tequila side by side on the mineral-rich soil of the La Alteña distillery.
I’ve dedicated my entire life to La Alteña as a distiller. I have carried out these duties since the beginning, because that is how the generations before me have done it."
José Lorenzo Coronado Padilla,
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